Belarus vs Netherlands at the Europe Qualification 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer match

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On 7 October Belarusian city Borisov hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup European Qualification Group Stage A match between Belarus and the Netherlands. The flushed fans were eager for bread and circuses and both soccer teams met their expectations and did present them with an amazing game and strong emotions!

Our company, Prime Tour Ltd, didn’t stay away from this event and we did our best to make the event even more exciting for the foreign guests. In the face of our tour operator the Netherlands soccer team’s top management and sponsors received the full of joy and events holiday, arranged at the highest level. Our idea was to make the tour most comfortable, safe, rich in events and entertainment as well as in the further good emotions and memories. We took over all the logistic and information support: besides the transfer to the event itself, we arranged the guides, escort, coordinators, extra food for the team, other transportations within the tour as well as the entertainment program. The specially designed entertainment program included two of the most important components of a good holiday: having lots of fun and delicious food.

Our guests took part in the spectacular tour events:

  • City Tour – the necessary classic;
  • Visit to the multifunctional cultural and sports complex Minsk Arena to participate in the master class in skating given by the Dutch Olympic champion of 2010 (who was at the same time a member of our touristic group). The sport event was followed by a reception arranged in the Minsk Arena.
  • Visit to the historical and cultural complex «Stalin’s line» (35 km from Minsk). This is an open air museum and the memorial of the year 1941 — a chain of defensive strongholds. The tour program at the Stalin line was supplemented by the real show: reconstruction of the WW II battles episodes! Driving tanks and shooting weapons from that period helped the guests to completely immerse in the atmosphere of this place.
  • Gala-dinners in two popular local restaurants.

According to enquiries from the Oranje fans (250 people) we organized and provided a separate program for them with transfer and coordinators support and the best local food in our most fashionable beer restaurant. And not a few beer have been drunk there!

This exciting soccer game gave us one more chance to show that Belarus is a convenient and comfortable country for organizing such events at the highest level. Yes, the event was a success!

And as for us personally, we enjoyed organizing the very special atmosphere around our visitors and got the greatest gratitude for our work done when we saw the smiles and listened to the words of gratitude from our guests!